Ready...Set... WASH N GO!

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What is a wash-n-go? Also known as the wash-n-wear routine, a wash-n-go is a hair care method and technique designed to transform hair into soft, hydrated, and manageable tresses while preventing future damage (even if you use heat from time-to-time). Wash-n-go styles are a great option for individuals diagnosed with alopecia!

Best Products for Your Wash-and-Go Toolkit:

• Raw African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo
• Hair Growth Conditioner
• Holistic Scalp Cream
• Conditioning Leave In Hair Cream
• Hair Growth Oil

How long does your wash and go last?

Like any hairstyle, your wash and go can last for as long as you take care of it. The fresh, bouncy look you crave however, usually last for about 3-5 days! Add the Refreshing Hair Mist ( Silk Bonnet ( to assure the longevity of your style:)

Checkout the video below and give it a try:


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