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When looking at protective styles…… one of the top five that come to my mind are FLAT TWISTS! This style is very popular and can be seen in various movies worn by people from all over. The flat twist involves parting hair into cornrowed sections but flat twisting the hair to the scalp (instead of grabbing hair as your braid) and allowing them to set before unraveling them to your desired style. To execute, a braider will intertwine two strands of hair on top of each other to form a rope-like braid.


A combination of two-strand twists and cornrows, flat twists are two hairstyles in one. The main difference: placement and the number of strands used. There are various options when looking at flat twist that allow you to be versatile with your hair while also offering protection, they provide in harsh weather conditions that can dry out and damage natural hair. Like all flat twists hairstyles, this can be done on wet hair or stretched dry hair as both will hide any frizz or flyaways.


Flat Twists are a great option as they are a protective style to keep your hair healthy and strong, this style gives your natural hair a break from tension! Your hair needs to breathe in between so it can be nurtured, hydrated and moisturized. Generally, flat twists are worn for a few days (or weeks, depending on preference) and then you can transition into the style that the impression left on your twists. So, if twisting at home, remember the larger you twist, the less definition you will have.


Try It: https://youtu.be/CDZhnYb1dqI


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