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Product Highlight: Conditioning Leave-In Hair Cream

Charmaine Allen

Product Highlight

Conditioning Leave-In Hair Cream


I often get questions about the importance of conditioning leave-in products and while some may feel like this product is an unnecessary tool……I would challenge that thought process. Our Conditioning Leave-In Hair Cream is a multifaceted product and serves many purposes! Providing nourishment to the hair, preventing breakage and split ends, taming/managing frizz, as well as softening the hair are just a few of the many benefits!

As the first ingredient of our conditioning leave-in hair cream is water, it can be assumed that it comes with the promise of providing replenishment of moisture to dry hair. With this product, the focus, is about strengthening and conditioning your hair while moisturizing your strands to the fullest! This product is great for twist outs and braid out styles as it will have your hair feeling like butter!


Directions: Section hair, take a dime sized amount, Distribute through hair strands, detangle and style.


Shelf Life: 6 months (For Optimal results).



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