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Why Is An Anti-Inflammatory Diet Important When Fighting Hair Loss?

Charmaine Allen

 Having experienced hair loss firsthand, I never thought of all the factors that could contribute to my hair and scalp woes. In researching my hair situation, I began looking at addressing the underlying causes of my condition. While I have always known that the causes of hair loss ranged from heredity, changes in hormones, and even hair styles that were “too tight”, it took me really diving deeper into the other factors that were not only causing but also facilitating my hair loss.


I never thought about how my diet could have been impacting my regrowth and hair/scalp health, but what I was putting into my body was directly affecting what I was getting out of it. I began to look at my what I was doing to contribute to my own hair loss and the lack of regrowth. Several factors can trigger inflammation, and an overproduction of sebum is one of them. This can occur if you have a hormone imbalance. Sebum clogs your pores as it oozes out, leading to pimples on your face if you’re in your youth or scalp inflammation if you’re older. This is why teenagers get acne and mid-aged people go bald. To summarize any inflammation to the scalp, regardless of its causes, exacerbates hair loss.


As many of you may already know, eating anti inflammatory foods plays a major roll in healing CCCA Alopecia (and other autoimmune diseases) from the inside out. When you have any type of autoimmune disease such as Alopecia, Diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or Crohn’s disease, the body is already filled with a large amount of inflammation, and high inflammatory foods only feeds the diseases, and keeps you sick.


GUESS WHAT!!! You can help your body to control the amount of inflammation you’re experiencing by making simple changes in your diet and controlling your stress levels. You can take a proactive approach to your own hair restoration by eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods. Try drinking anti-inflammatory beverages like coffee, chai and turmeric hot chocolate. While hair restoration is not an overnight process, making these small changes in your diet can support your body’s efforts to heal itself. Reducing your inflammation can give your hair a chance to regrow. Instead, you want to incorporate healthy, anti-inflammatory foods into your diet. Your body will thank you. Hopefully, it will thank you with a fuller head of hair and overall improved health.

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  • Just got my products. Did the regiment my scalp feels great and my curls are soft
    Can’t wait for my hair scalp to become healthy!🖤❤

    Rosalind Parks

  • I have been viewing your site awhile, I have tried so many products like yours, with no results, so I’m a little skeptical on spending more money on products that claim to help with hair growth. I did try your leave in hair cream, it did make my hair very soft


  • This is an excellent article. I have made some changes in my diet, and I have to say that I am still experiencing little growth, however, I do feel better internally and I am about to go to another level with the dietary changes. My hair is my crown and glory and I miss having a full head of hair like I used to. This encouraged me to keep making the changes for the results that I want.

    Cecile Mills

  • Do you mind sharing some of your diet with us ? Like what a typical day is in your food routine breakfast, lunch etc. Do you eat 3 times a day or several small meals etc and what foods you consume . It will encourage many to make those changes.


  • So what are the anti inflammatory food ? Are seeds good ? Like chia, hemp , flacks seeds?

    Nelly Kiroko

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