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CCCA Alopecia and Lichen Planopilaris!!?? But these Are Her Results!!!

Charmaine Allen

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  • Those results are TRULY a BLESSING. I now feel like there’s HOPE for me my Hair was like the beginning of her process now mines has worsened. S.O.S. HELP

    Charlene Singleton

  • I ordered my products can’t wait to start useing it


  • These are AMAZING results! Congratulations. It’s coming along beautifully!


  • Omg! Her hair growth is amazing! I’m really impressed. I have CCCA as well using the same products almost. I’m getting growth too but not as fast. It’s been over a year for me. I do have locks, but I don’t retwist until every few month. I want to have enough growth so that I can cut them altogether. The hair growth on others seem to work best without locs.

    Keep up the good work. Your video and updates are very inspiring.

    Sharon Walker

  • Do you have a product for tension alopecia

    Stacy Williams

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