The Different Types of Alopecia Hair Loss

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The different types of Alopecia 


➰Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune disease that results in the loss of hair from the scalp and elsewhere on the body. It usually starts with one or more small, round, non-scarring smooth patches.



➰Scarring Alopecia is caused by any inflammatory process (burns, bacterial infections, ringworm, injury, autoimmune diseases) which may cause permanent damage to the hair follicle. It is also known as Cicatricial alopecia.



➰Male pattern baldness or Androgenic Alopecia occurs in the typical balding pattern and occurs as a result of changes in the hormone androgen.



➰ Diffuse Patterned Alopecia (DPA) & Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia (DUPA) Diffuse Patterned Alopecia (DPA) is an androgenic type alopecia characterized by diffuse thinning in the front, top, and vertex of the scalp in conjunction with a stable permanent zone. Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia (DUPA) is also androgenic, but lacks a stable permanent zone.


➰Female pattern baldness (FPB) OR Female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is a common from of balding in females. FPB can occur in about 40% of menopausal women.


➰Traction Alopecia is as a result of hair styles that tie or pull the hair so tightly that the hair roots are pulled from the scalp.


➰Hair loss due to side effect of the beauty treatments such as hair dyes, bleaching, straightening, softening, rebounding, perming etc., contain harsh chemicals which may trigger hair loss in some individuals.



➰Chemotherapy and hair loss occurs as a result of cancer treatment which targets both cancerous and healthy cells. This type of hair loss resembles anagen effluvium type alopecia.


➰Medications...certain medications can also cause Alopecia.


Are you experiencing any of These types of Alopecia Hair Loss?




  • Bobbie Williams

    Bobbie Williams

    September 05, 2020 at 03:53 PM

    Hi Sydney I am using your product the trio package,how often do i need to shampoo,alsohair growth oil do i use it daily.I also have all the vitimans ,hope to hear back from you. Bobbie

  • Gwen Mitchell

    Gwen Mitchell

    September 05, 2020 at 03:52 PM

    I suffer from alopecia areta and its very bad. Can you PLEASE HELP ME 🙏?? Tell me what products you have to help with growth and stop my scalp from ACHING. THANKS

  • Sherri M Hicks

    Sherri M Hicks

    September 05, 2020 at 03:52 PM

    I have ccca alopecia, due to a hereditary nerve disorder. I was diagnosed in 2010. I am fighting and trying not to give up and cut it all off.

  • Vena


    July 22, 2019 at 08:04 AM

    I would like your recommendation for product use. I have scarring alopecia. The steroids and shots has weakened and thinned my hair terribly. My hair has fallen out by the strands straight from the follicles. Where you see the little follicle bulbs on the ends of each hair strand. Now I only have hair on top of my head. Also the itching, inflammation and and burning is unbearable. Please help. This has been ongoing for 6 years now. I can be reached anytime.

    Thank you,

  • Flora


    July 22, 2019 at 08:04 AM

    I watched a YouTube video for your product , and I really want to try it, I do have some bald spots in my hair, that’s been there for years, when I first noticed it, I went to a dermatologist, had the skin sample taken from my head & was told it was sun spots, nothing can be done, I then did sister locks which hide the spots, but now that I have taken the locks out I want the hair to grow in those spots, so do you recommend I see a doctor to find out what type of hair loss I have before using the product?

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