How To Stop CCCA Alopecia Hair Breakage & Stop Hair From Snapping And Breaking Off!!!

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Hey Guys, its Charmaine here from and it’s time to take your crown back! So today we’re going to talk about how to stop CCCA hair breakage before it gets worse. We do not want our hair to end up like this which is happens with CCCA. Make sure you like comment subscribe and share guys, to allow this video to get to the people it needs to get to including you who is currently watching this video:) I had a client who sent me a message and she wanted to know if she needed to cut all of her hair off, just basically do the big chop because of her hair loss that she was experiencing in the crown.

I assessed her current situation and found that she didn’t because as you see the rest of her hair looks healthy it’s just the crown that broke off. When you’re in any situation, before it even gets to this point what you can do is cut the CCCA or the dead hair ends off at the base so that you don’t have to deal with the issue as you see in these three examples. If you cut the hair off at the base right where the breakage is or right before it gets too extreme, you can stop the CCCA from breaking all the way down to the root to save the rest of your hair and you wont have to worry about basically doing the big chop you’re just going to do the big chop in that section.

Doing it this way will allow your hair to flourish, it’s kind of like flowers if you are pruning flowers …..cutting the flowers it allows room for more flowers to grow in, hair is the same way! If you’re cutting off the dead ends and you’re cutting off split ends the hair breakage the CCCA, the removal of the weak hair will allow your hair to flourish. You continue to care for your hair by using SydneyNicole Products, it is imperative to use quality products made with quality ingredients to nourish your hair and scalp. From the Rootie to the Tootie as you say, just like on the inside out and you just wanna make sure that you’re trimming your hair at its as soon as you see a sign of breakage you want to trim that off and it will show you guys just like drinking water just like doing self-care your hair will show if you’re stressed your hair will show that you’re a stress.

Make sure you comment like and subscribe and share this video, I tried everything for years and years and years but I put oils and stuff on there in my hair y’all is growing out so much is getting so long BlackHairAndSkinCare listen it’s good and it’s the only thing that’s been really working for me it’s working you know it’s really worth it! 


  • Ardeen


    December 14, 2023 at 08:45 AM

    How do i schedule a consultation?

  • Tonya


    December 14, 2023 at 08:45 AM

    I had no edges completely bald and the last quick weave I’d worn took my crown completely off…so I shaved my entire head… I bought the trio here…. Although it’s not growing as fast as I’d like but there is significant growth…I haven’t seen any hair around my edges for over ten years …although they are gray lol but now I see fuzzies all over .the rest of my hair is growing really fast superseding the bald spots but hey growth is growth and I’m so very thankful to you Charmaine so blessed to have found you…may God continue to bless you dear❤️

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