When Is It Time For A Protein Treatment?

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With all that in going on in both our lives and in the world, the last time you used a protein treatment may be a hard but NECESSARY question to answer. When looking at hair growth as well as hair retention, a protein treatment is an essential part of both processes. Protein treatments can be beneficial to natural, chemically treated, color treated, etc. as they not only strengthen hair but also repair damage, prevent breakage, and repair and restore elasticity. 90% of hair is made up of proteins, which can be broken down/damaged when exposed to everyday elements such as sun, wind, heat, chemicals, etc. which in turn causes hair elasticity to diminish and hair becomes brittle and dry……..eventually resulting in breakage. Protein treatments create a protective barrier for your hair, resulting in stronger hair that has an extra layer of protection from damaging elements.


When looking at is it time for a protein treatment, ask yourself the following questions:


1. Does my hair have high porosity?

Hair with high porosity often has tears and gaps in the strands that make it more susceptible to damage. In order to fill in the gaps, you need a protein treatment to strengthen your strands. The treatment works by nourishing the hair with vital proteins that help seal those gaps and protect hair.

2. Has my hair lost its elasticity?

Is your hair losing its natural curl? Is your hair limp? Are your strands struggling to bounce back after being stretched? Well, this may be a result of your hair losing its elasticity. When your hair loses elasticity, it is typically a sign that it is in need of a protein treatment. Boosting your hair’s protein levels, you boost its elasticity, which makes your hair bouncier, full of life, and easier to manage.

3. Am I using heat on my hair?

Before using heat on hair, you must first ask yourself is your hair strong enough to withstand the thermal tools that you would plan to use.


4. Has the weather changed?


A change in the weather can have a huge impact on your hair's health and appearance, whether it is living in a dry, cold climate or extended use of a hot curling iron. Winter can be seriously hard on hair. Cold, dry air, harsh weather, and everything that comes with it can make your hair dehydrated and more prone to breakage than the warmer months. If your hair is feeling dry and brittle, using a protein treatment will keep hair healthy and hydrated.


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