Why Is My Hair Dry?

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Why Is My Hair Dry?

  • Stripping

While it is good hair care to wash your hair frequently, using harsh shampoos may be doing more harm than good. Harsh products can cause your hair to be dry as it is stripping your hair of its essential oils. I know some of my followers report using clarifying shampoos regularly and find their hair to be dry and brittle, my suggestion is to look at the ingredients of the products you are putting n your hair and modify the use. My Organic Raw African Black Soap with organic peppermint oil is made to cleanse and soothe your scalp and reduce itching and burning symptoms. This is a clarifying shampoo is made with all natural ingredients that will not dry out hair as it was designed to focus on scalp more than hair strands. https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/african-black-soap-hair-growth-shampoo


  • Hydration

WATER is key to healthy hair! Just as your body get thirsty and craves water, your hair does the same and communicates it to you as well. When you examine your hair and it is frizzy, dry, and breaking that is your hair’s way of telling you it is thirsty. Our hair yields the best results when we hydrate, meaning deep condition the outside and hydrate (water) the inside. While drinking more water will promote growth from the inside, try our Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment made to deep condition your hair while bringing out its softest texture ever! https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/protein-treatment


  • Protection

While wearing a bonnet is where most of our minds go when thinking of hair protection, it also encompasses the tools you use on your hair as well. I admit, I am so much of a bonnet girl but I do love a good satin scarf or pillowcase to protect my hair and prevent dry out or breakage. I do make it a point to tie my hair up using satin not just to protect my style but also to maintain the oils in my hair and discourage breakage. As we all know cotton pillow cases can pull hair and tend to dry out the oils in your hair leading to breakage. When looking at protecting your hair, you must also evaluate the tools you use on your canvas. As many of us detangle and tend to panic when looking at the amount of hair in the detangling brush, use products that can aid in the detangling process and will protect your hair. Try our Detangling Brush https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/baby-ayah-s-no-hurt-detangling-brush and Detangling Leave In Spray https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/conditioning-detangling-leave-in-spray.


  • Hair Regimen

I have found that the L.O.C. method has done wonders for my hair regimen! The L.O.C. (liquid, oil, and cream) method involves a liquid ( Conditioning Leave-In Hair Cream https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/organic-leave-in-hair-cream-8oz), oil ( Organic Hair Growth Oil  https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/organic-hair-growth-oil), and then sealing moisture in with a cream (Moisture Sealing Hair Butter https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/moisture-sealing-hair-butter). The liquid opens up the hair cuticles to allow the moisture to enter your hair strands, the oil is able to penetrate your hair shafts enabling hair to become softer and shiner while aiding in moisture retention, and the cream locks in the moisture of the oil so your hair will be moisturized for a longer period of time.


It is important to identify potential reasons for your dry hair so you can address and combat the issue at the source. Looking into these common issues that may be causing your hair to be dry could alleviate and help you get back on track toward your hair goals.




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