LET’S TALK GROWTH! I thought hair grease was bad?

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Alright, ladies and gentleman lets get real and talk about hair growth! As I researched and looked into various resources in starting this blog, I wanted to make sure that we tackled the hard topics that aren’t always easy to talk about but seem to be lingering thoughts in our minds. HAIR GROWTH being one. As all of my products are made to improve the quality of your scalp and hair, I wanted to begin debunking some myths about hair growth using certain products!

As a child and throughout my adolescence I was always reliant on hair grease to address my dry scalp, but as I aged and the times changed I began hearing mixed things about hair grease and its uses. “It’s too heavy”, “it’ll weigh your hair down”, “it doesn’t work on all hair types”,  and even “hair grease is not for natural hair” were just a few of the things I had heard which initially influenced me turning my back on the product all together. As I began creating my own products, I challenged myself to take another look and examine the benefit (if any) that hair grease had.


Benefits of Hair Grease:


  1. PRICE!

While I have learned to love living in my natural truth, I have also learned that natural products don’t always agree with my wallet! When looking at hair grease I found that it is very inexpensive and I was curious to know why. As I researched the ingredients I began to understand that using cheap products often reflect cheap ingredients. In developing my own product I wanted to use natural ingredients that would create a healthy foundation for your scalp to produce healthy hair! With my Organic Lavender & Peppermint Hair Grease you really do get the bang for your buck, and a little goes a long way.



We cant forget that we call it our “scalp” but what is it really? SKIN! Our scalps are an extension of us which means our scalp is made up skin and needs to be taken care of and protected. If you are someone that suffers from dry skin…..you will have to look at your scalp as well. Applying hair grease to your scalp will seal moisture that your scalp is lacking which is causing pruritus (itchy skin), flakiness, and overall dryness.



When looking at my own hair and my hair needs, I noted that in any product I used or created I wanted it to seal in moisture without weighing it down. I had no issue using products that would moisturize my hair, but sealing in the moisture was the issue along with using quality ingredients that yielded the results I desired and as we all know one of the main causes of hair breakage is DRYNESS. I began reading, watching videos, and talking to others who shared similar hair challenges about their hair routines. One way to lock in moisture is using the L-O-C method (https://www.byrdie.com/the-loc-method-4771726) which essentially means using liquid (water), oil (Organic Lavender & Peppermint Hair Grease) https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/organic-lavender-peppermint-hair-grease-4oz, and cream (Conditioning Leave In Hair Cream) https://blackhairandskincare.com/products/organic-leave-in-hair-cream-8oz.



LENGTH! As many of us are interested in growing healthy hair that is long and luxurious, hair grease is definitely a key player in that. Healthy hair ultimately equates to less breakage, less shedding, and encourages growth. Since adapting hair grease and even developing my own product, I have noticed less shedding and breakage, a healthier feel and texture, and hair that is beyond moisturized! My Organic Lavender & Peppermint Hair Grease uses quality ingredients such as: Peppermint Oil, Lavender Oil, Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and more!


All in all, it is important to know that hair grease is not our hair’s enemy but a key player in growing and maintaining healthy hair. When selecting hair products, cheaper is not always better and it proves to be true in ingredients as well. Research and asking questions is vital in understanding what you put on your body (scalp included) is just as important as what you put in it. My Organic Lavender & Peppermint Hair Grease is filled with potent organic ingredients to moisturize the scalp while stimulating those hair follicles! Created by me, my formulas won’t fail you!  


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