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I, like many of you, have a vested interest in the hair of my hair because my journey to regrowth has not been an easy one. We have all heard and/or read about how minimal heat is not a bad thing and does little to no damage to the hair but I have found that when you experience hair conditions and suffer hair loss that even a little heat can be harmful to your hair. As I am very familiar with all types of scalp conditions and well versed in hair loss, I never suggest/recommend the use of heat because when you experience and/or are experiencing hair loss the hair is already fragile and will only get worse with the use heat. As it is harder than you’d think to recognize heat damage, I have created a list to shed light on the topic! As we, who suffer/have sufferedfrom hair conditions/loss, begin the regrowth process we want to hold on to and begin to heal our scalp but using heat can cause changes in our hair that are telling signs of heat damage. The signs listed below are how our hair communicated to us that there is heat damage.


You are hair could be experiencing heat damage if:


o your hair lacks elasticity. examine your hair, really examine your curls/coils/waves to see if there is bounce or does it look limp or like there are parts of it that are semi—if not completely—straight? the make up of each strand of hair is designed to have some elasticity to it; which is why it it a telling signs of how healthy it is. when your hair is in good condition, you should be able to gently tug on a strand of it and it will return to its original shape. if yours breaks, it’s too dry due to a lack of moisture that’s probably because of heat damage.


o your hair doesn’t feel as it should. feel your hair, does it feel smooth and soft or does it feel dry and rough? if your hair feels dry, it is an indication that your hair needs moisture. it will get it if you drink lots of water, condition your hair and apply a light oil to it every couple of days. but if, no matter what you do, your hair stays dry, this is another sign that your hair has some heat damage.


o any beautician or hair dresser will tell you that split endsare the common and telling sign of heat damaged hair.


o luster and shine are another telling sign of heat damage. if you notice your hair lacks luster and seems dull, that is a subtle sign that it may have some heat damage to it. should you suspect this to be an issue, i recommend an apple cider rinse (to remove any residue) and if the hair still lacks luster and shine it is a sign of heat damage.


o is your hair shedding more than usual? as you all know, shedding is both natural and normal but should be increase the amount of heat we use on our hair, which will cause the roots to become weak and break off. but if when you’re styling your hair, you notice a lot of breakage, that means it’s snapping off too quickly.


Now while some may see the signs and immediately think they need to cut all their hair off and start over, that’s not at all the case. My recommendation is to cut the damaged hair and begin to look at a healthier hair regiment to promote both hair growth and health. I offer personalized consultations to discuss hair struggles, current products use and hair goals, as well as discuss and develop a new hair regiment that best suits your needs. I look forward to hear from you with any questions you may have😘


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