But What Is Making My Scalp Dry....and What Do I Do?

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I have gotten many questions lately about dry scalps and why they seem to occur and wanted to address it for the masses from customers with and without a diagnosed skin conditions. While some state their scalp tends to be more dry in the summer time due to perspiration, other state that their hair is more dry in the winter. Truth is, itchy/dry scalp can be seen year round and can be attributed to various factors.


What causes an itchy scalp?


While there is not definite reason what causes an itchy scalp, some are more prone to an itchy scalp than others due to being more sensitive to Malassezia, a type of fungus found on the scalp. Malassezia is is considered very normal. Those who have skin conditions may experience flare-ups that can be scaly, red, and flaky. These can effect the scalp and can cause discomfort and itching.


How to Combat Dry Scalp


Clarify less, try to clarify as infrequently as possible in the winter to ensure your scalp can hold on to as much moisture and oil as possible.


Drink more water. You’ll feel the effects of dehydration throughout your body, and your scalp is no different! Drink more water to keep all of your skin – including your scalp – hydrated. Also, adhering to a anti-inflammatory diet will aid in the itchiness.


Keep styling products off your scalp. Product build up may be causing oil and bacteria to accumulate.


Decrease the products you use. If products are reacting negatively with each other, you may notice it on your scalp before you notice it on your hair, especially if they are building up at your roots. I recommend to my customers to explicit use only my products when addressing hair growth and scalp issues to assure that they are not mixing products and products are complimentary to each other.  


Look at the ingredients on your products. Two ingredients in particular, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone are often the culprit behind an itchy scalp. You may also be allergic or sensitive to something else in your products if those aren’t present. Use products with quality ingredients.


Applying oil to your scalp before shampooing can help protect your scalp from the cleansing agents in your shampoo. This means that your scalp will lose less of its natural oils and moisture when you wash.


Don’t sleep with or prematurely cover wet hair. Wet hair and a wet scalp can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

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  • Sherry Chapman

    Sherry Chapman

    June 30, 2020 at 01:16 PM

    Thank you. Which products is good for dry itchy scalp Dandruff

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