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Product Highlight: Non-Toxic Organic Deodorant Paste

Charmaine Allen


It is true……EVERYONE SWEATS but this blog is not to discuss the FUNK but to discuss how to combat the funk using NON-TOXIC ORGANIC DEODORANT PASTE!

As you may know there are two types of deodorant…..but did you know that the type of deodorant that you use can impact not only your natural musk but also can impact your health as well. It is important to know, not only, the types of product but also the ingredients to the products as some products contain toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your health.


  • Our deodorant doesn’t clog the skin’s pores and doesn’t cause irritation such as bumpy underarms.
  • Our deodorant wont make perspiration worse due to bacteria buildup from blockage.
  • Our deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum which is suggested to be the cause of fabric yellowing in the underarm area.
  • Our products don’t chemicals, that can cause allergic reactions such as propylene glycol and parabens.



  • Because our deodorant doesn’t clog pores, it allows your body to detoxify, releasing bacteria and chemicals like BPA through sweating. This will also help decrease your body’s internal temperature so you’re not so hot!
  • Our deodorant contains essential oils that soothe the skin and improve razor burnThe ingredients are honest, with no parabens, sulfates, or harmful chemicals.
  • Our deodorant is moisturizing, with natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated.

Directions: After Shower or Bath with suggested use of our Authentic Raw African Black Soap Bar, apply 1-2 layers to dry under arms.

Shelf Life: 6 months (For Optimal results).


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