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Natural. What is Natural? If we were to define natural according to Websters Dictionary, The description would go some thing like this;

1. being in accordance with or determined by nature. 

So what is nature? Nature is the external world in its entirety. Nature is humankind's original or Natural condition. 

Even Though these are the standard definitions, it seems a lot of hair care companies such as Olaplex and Cantu are missing the memo. Saying that there products are "Natural" when they are nothing more than man made toxic chemicals. 

Needless to say, I digress: Here are are REAL Natural Hair Loss Treatment Options that comply with Webster's dictionary Natural and Nature.

Rosemary Oil: 

One of the most common types of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness, though it can also affect females in  which it would be called female pattern baldness.

Rosemary oil treats androgenetic alopecia by preventing a byproduct of testosterone aka DHT from attacking your hair follicles, which is the cause of this condition 

Additionally, those who used the rosemary oil reported less scalp itching compared to minoxidil, which suggests that rosemary may be more tolerable, Because it is. We use Only the Best Potent Rosemary Oil in Sydney Nicole Products. Check Out our Trio which is Our Best Selling Natural Hair Loss Treatment.


Pumpkin Seed Oil: 

Another one of my favorites as well as the staple of my research when it com es to Natural Hair Loss Products. Before I Called the Organic Hair Growth Oil, THE Organic Hair Growth Oil, I made this video on my Youtube Channel BlackHairandSkinCare that talked about the benefits of Pumpkinseed oil and Biotin. Basically, Pumpkin seed oil blocks DHT naturally and was very effective in male pattern baldness. And with my own data over the years, is excellent for CCCA Alopecia and Other forms of Alopecia. 

While there are many other Natural Hair Growth Treatments, We will Stick with these 2 Key Ingredients For Now. Talk to you Soon!



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