Hair Changes During THAT Time Of The Month……PERIOD!

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While this particular topic may not apply to you specifically, we all have sisters, daughter, mothers, and even friends that may experience the men’s trail periods and are familiar with the all that comes with it. While bloating, body aches, changes in appetite, fatigue, skin changes etc. are symptoms that are know too well by the masses, your period causes changes to your hair the same way it cause changes to your body.


I can only speak for myself when I say that when that time of the month rolls around for me, my face begins to look like I have greased myself down in Vaseline! I mean the increase of oiliness that I experience is unreal, and it wasn’t until I stepped back and remembered that my scalp was STILL skin that I took a deeper look at the impact my period had on my scalp and hair.  


Periods, while some see to be both a blessing and a curse are just the body’s way of communicating to us that there isn’t a fertilized egg and due to that fact a reset can begin, thus resulting in the hormonal changes such as oily skin, soreness, cramps, and fatigue.


Before your period, the level of estrogen in your body will decrease while the progesterone and testosterone levels increase while result in oily hair and skin. The frustration of oily hair and skin is understood and doesn’t have to cause you grief as you can begin to develop a hair and skin regime that will alleviate the excess oil on both your hair and skin to prepare for your period.


Once “Aunt Flo” arrives your estrogen levels are depleted and testosterone has increased to higher than normal levels which results in the bloat, moodiness, and cramping. The increased testosterone levels tend to make hair look and feel greasy. While nothing can be done about this as it is nearly mother-nature, looking to natural products during your period can combat the look and feel of greasy or flat hair. Check out our African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo and Raw African Black Soap for your hair and skin.





WHEWWW……so you’ve made it through another period and your body and hormone levels are heading back to normal. As the testosterone decreases and estrogen increases, you will notice less oil production in both the hair and skin. The downside of producing less oil is the possibility of a dry scalp. Therefore, deep conditioning is ideal. Check out our Fresh Avocado Aloe Vera Deep Conditioner.




**BONUS FACT: Maca Root is an excellent supplement that regulates hormones which can be beneficial for women who are on their cycles, dealing with PCOS, and even menopause. Maca Root also aids in fertility and sex drive.


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