Look in the mirror. What do you see? Do you smile at your reflection in awe of your own beauty? You should! I know that when we experience something as traumatic as hair loss, it is easy to fixate on what we’ve lost and equate it to our beauty.


I want you to think about all the people that surround you and witness the interaction between you and your reflection. Having a daughter myself, I know firsthand how I want to empower and pour into her and teach her how to pour into herself.


Having experienced hair loss and knowing to well the double edged sword that is the mirror but I will not be defeated by it. Since beginning my regrowth journey I have conquered the mirror as I have adapted a newfound perspective and really fallen in love with myself.


I made the choice to take the reigns and really take control of my hair loss years ago. At the time, I could have never imagined the decision I made to take control of my hair journey would be felt by all those around me. My decision—was a stand for self-love and exudes empowerment. Ever since I can remember my hair was placed on a pedestal, reflecting not only how I saw my own beauty but also the embodiment of my culture.


My newfound perspective allowed me to see myself as more than my hair. My hair has had a huge impact on my confidence and I view that as being hereditary, we watch our caregivers from a young age care for and cherish their hair, very similarly to how our kids, family, and friends watch us.


As I write this blog to my followers and customers, I emphasize that it is today that we can decide to look in the mirror and smile at your reflection. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or are well into your journey, you have made the decision to take the steps to regrowth and scalp health. An understanding must be had that those around you do not attribute your hair to your beauty, kindness, personality, etc. they see YOU! They see all the beautiful pieces that make up you and are not at all limited to your hair.


My hope for you is that you begin to see you as those close to you see you and understand that while hair is a piece of the puzzle it is not at all the defining piece.


Allow others to see you smile at your reflection everyday! Allow yourself to adopt a new perspective and reflect on how your family and friends see you, every flaw deeply appreciated and celebrated. Sydney Nicole Products wants you to hold your head high, manifest to not only others but to yourself that you are more than you current hair situation, you are the only you there will ever be so STAND TALL and STRAIGHTEN YOUR CROWNS....we’ve got work to do! 


Encouraging Mantra to Take With You EVERYDAY:
With confidence, you have won before you have started.
~Marcus Garvey