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I get so many emails regarding products for the kiddos, and I wanted to address some things. As we know kids’ hair and skin is just different from ours as adults and we don’t always feel comfortable using the same products and often look for alternatives that are gentler. Let’s talk about products for the kids and why they are important. We can’t stress healthy hair to the children in our lives without stressing to them the importance of healthy hair care which is the foundation! Healthy hair care begins with learning how to care for hair without damaging it or teaching damaging hair routines, but how do we do that? Let’s talk about healthy hair care habits and quality products use in the hair care of children….


  • Hair Hygiene

The same way you begin teaching your children the importance of brushing their teeth, washing their faces, and even cleaning their bodies regularly it is important to stress the importance of keeping their hair clean as well. The more you maintain hair hygiene the lesser will be your hair fall and other hair related issues.

  • Dandruff

If you haven’t been practicing clean hair regularly, the dead skin developed throughout these days does not have a way to go away. This dead skin layer is converted into dandruff and that could amount to one of the causes of hair fall in all the ways!

  • Lice

Not knowing how to clean scalp or hair for a long time can become a place of residence for small insects that may become a parasite on your head and one of your hair fall reasons.

  • Greasy hair

Your scalp manufactures a lot of essential oil for your hair which may become non-essential over time if you do not clean your hair properly and give your hair a chance to stay clean and non-greasy.

  • Hair fall

You not knowing how to keep your hair clean and healthy is directly linked to hair fall. In fact, one of the main causes of hair fall is hair hygiene. Greasy hair or dandruff-ridden hair often becomes very prone to breakage and hair fall affecting the growth of your hair and changing the hair patterns. Scratching your head too much also leads to breakage of hair. The best hair cleaning tips to deal with this hair fall problem is to keep your head clean and healthy.


  • Quality Products

Using top-quality products can keep your kid's hair and skin in good condition, while stylish hair accessories can add a touch of fun and creativity to their appearance. While the hair growth cycle is the same for adults and children, the onset of hair growth should remain undisrupted in developing babies and children. They need a healthy, balanced environment that is conducive to their growth and development. Although this process is a natural part of the life cycle, it can be interrupted through harsh hair care, product abuse, and over manipulation. Instead, gentle products without harsh ingredients like sulfate cleansing agents are necessary to go with the natural flow of the body. Sadly, many products out there contain nasty ingredients which over time, can be harmful. Check the label to ensure that the hair product doesn’t contain parabens. These are preservatives used to extend the shelf-life of products, and it’s best to avoid them! BlackHairAndSkincare products organic and natural with no harsh or chemicals.


  • Regular Maintenance

It is great practice to get rid of your split ends going into the summer months as it is a HUGE help to stop or even slow the continuation of damaged hair. Regular trimmings play a crucial role in preventing hair damage. Trimming away split ends removes weakened and frayed hair strands, preventing the damage from spreading further up the hair shaft. By removing these damaged ends, you maintain the integrity of your hair, minimizing breakage and promoting overall hair health. Trimming off damaged ends encourages healthier hair growth by preventing breakage and allowing new strands to flourish. Regularly trimming your ends is recommended as it can improve hair texture, and removing dry and damaged ends leaves you with a smoother and more manageable hair. 

  • Protection

Protective styling is one of the best ways to protect your hair from natural elements. Warm weather brings heat and humidity, which often doesn’t pair well with natural hair let alone hair that has been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. With protective styles, you can maintain moisture, prevent breakage, and encourage growth. So, what are the benefits of protective styling?

  • Low maintenance
  • Helps retain length by preventing breakage, which increases your chance of seeing length retention.
  • Maintains moisture

Also, get the kids used to wearing a protective bonnet or sleeping on a satin pillowcase young. AIR is also a great thing to stress to the little people, we can leave our hair covered or wrapped all the time and need to let the air hit it even if it is for a few hours a day which also allows time to apply the needed products to keep hair moisturized.

  • Say NO to heat!

Just like using excessive heat and chemical products on adult hair is not the best option, using heat and chemicals on children’s hair is even worse. A child's hair is still developing and subjecting it to harsh chemicals or high heat can weaken the hair shaft, making it more prone to damage, breakage, and long-term hair problems that can affect them well into their adulthood. Chemical use in children’s haircare regimen should also be avoided as many of the hair relaxing and straightening products primarily used by children contain hormone-disrupting chemicals associated with early puberty, preterm birth, and reproductive diseases, according to a recent study published in Environmental Research.


Kids Hair Products/Regimen:

 African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo, Hair Growth Conditioner, and Baby Ayah’s Organic Hair Growth Oil

*Trio Set: African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo, Hair Growth Oil, and– BlackHairandSkincare be sure to get the Baby Ayah's Organic Hair Growth Oil  Baby Ayah’s Organic Hair Growth Oil– BlackHairandSkincare

  • Shampoo and Condition 1x weekly with the Raw African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo and Hair Growth Conditioner. Massage Baby Ayah’s Organic Hair Growth Oil on scalp 3-4 times per week only.

Holistic Scalp Cream

*Holistic Scalp Cream– BlackHairandSkincare

  • Use a dime size amount part hair, massage the Holistic Scalp Cream into scalp 3-4 days per week. Massage into scalp for up to 1 min (alternating weekly with the Organic Hair Growth Oil).

Moisture Sealing Whipped Hair Butter

*Moisture Sealing Whipped Hair Butter– BlackHairandSkincare

  • Use before or after on your hair strands following African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo, and Hair Growth Conditioner. Use as a styling butter or Hair Moisturizer.

Baby Ayah’s Organic Hair & Body Butter (8oz)– BlackHairandSkincare

Organic Refreshing Hair Mist

*Organic Refreshing Hair Mist– BlackHairandSkincare

  • Spray Hair with the Organic Refreshing Hair Mist, then apply an ample amount of the Moisture Sealing hair butter into your strands, style as usual. Dry hands before applying leave-in

Vintage Reversible Satin Bonnet

*Vintage Reversible Satin Bonnet– BlackHairandSkincare

  • Protect your Tresses in style wearing our very own reversible satin bonnet. The satin against your tresses protects your hair from breakage while protecting your style and your hair at night. Stretchable and versatile to fit all head sizes.


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