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I have received so many questions about MSM, as it is often a supplement recommended to customers to aid in the healing of their scalp and regrowth of their hair, that I felt it necessary to explain what MSM is and the many benefits. MSM (Organic Sulfur) is a natural alternative for increasing hair growth and overall hair health, thickness and appearance. MSM is often referred to as an ‘essential mineral’, as it can only be received from either food or supplementation. 

 MSM is one of nature’s most powerful detoxifying and inflammation reducing agents and known for its multifaceted features! MSM is often sought out for its anti-inflammatory properties and often used in the hair growth process due to its effectiveness with hair growth and retention. As the hair growth cycle consists of three stages: 1. Anagen (growing), 2. Telogen (intermediate), and 3. Catagen (resting or shedding). As we age, the Anagen stage gets shorter and shorter, which is why the older we get the more hair we lose. MSM helps increase hair growth by aiding in the suppression of the Telogen (resting) phase, and helping to reactivate the Anagen (hair growth) stage. MSM has been shown in studies to help extend the body’s natural hair growing cycle – the ‘Anagen’ phase as it forms bonds essential to strengthening hair and influencing hair growth by increasing the rate of hair growth since it elongates the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. This is thought to happen when people increase intake of MSM, as added Sulfur starts to build up in the middle layers of the scalp and follicle, which act as a bio- signal for the body to restart the Anagen cycle. 

To compound hair loss and thinning hair, when MSM is deficient in the body, hair loss and thinning can accelerate. Many studies show that hair loss / thinning hair can actually be caused by toxin accumulation and resulting inflammation in the hair follicle and in the scalp. MSM helps your entire body detox at a cellular level, including your hair and scalp. MSM does this by helping cell membranes (the “smart” wall that surrounds each of your cells) in the scalp and hair follicles sweep toxins out, and increase the uptake of nutrients and oxygen. 

As I recommend MSM to anyone interested in healing their scalp and regrowing their hair, MSM is an amazing overall beauty support that helps nails grow thick and strong, and is outstanding for skin, complexion, wrinkles and acne. While our bodies, over time, can become deficient in MSM (Sulfur) due to the low amounts found in food due to our farming and food processing methods it is important to replenish the compound in order to maximize on its many benefits. 

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