Oils For Hair Growth: Benefits Pumpkin Seed Oil For Natural Hair

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As many of you may know who has been watching my channel  you are aware that I have been teaching the benefits of pumpkin seed oil for hair growth for years! And as I continue to educate my customers and subscribers on help for hair growth and vitality, we speak of Pumpkin Seed Oil Again. 

Pumpkin Seed Oil Study:

According to Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital Men Suffering From 

Androgenic alopecia, took 400mg of pumpkin seed oil and saw a 40% Hair Growth and Hair Thickness vs the Placebo Study Group. 

Check out My video Below where I discuss the study in detail along with additional pumpkin seed Oil Benefits.


  • Kula


    June 04, 2022 at 07:03 AM

    Hi Charmaine,

    Your videos are always informative and helpful, thank you for doing them! I have a request, can you do a video or share in a reply message which of your Sydney Nicole products and supplements are considered safe to use during pregnancy? I keep reading online that some essential oils are not safe to use while pregnant. Could you share what you would do while pregnant and recovering from CCCA please. Thank you and God bless.

  • Aicha


    June 04, 2022 at 07:03 AM

    Do you recommended orally or atopic?

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