I Knew I Would Lose Hair Postpartum….But How Can I Bounce Back?

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing…...just thinking about the experience just gives me baby fever! Having experienced hair loss prior to my postpartum journey, I was slightly worried of how my pregnancy would affect my hair. While I knew developing a new hair regimen during pregnancy would be a challenge, the more pressing issue I knew I would experience would be differentiating what normal hair shedding and what actual hair loss was.


I did not want to become so hyper-fixated on every strand of hair in my hairbrush, so it was imperative for me to begin researching what was “normal” and I found that our average daily hair shed is within normal ranges; 50 – 150 hairs per day.Anything in excess of 150 hairs is considered out of the ordinary and would need to be addressed accordingly. While I know that shedding hair is normal and part of the cycle of hair growth, it was not easy having been in a space where hair was scarcely on my head. Supplements became embedded in my daily routine as a way to promote the growth of healthy hair while simultaneously reducing shedding.


When you think of POSTPARTUM SHEDDING, think of it as a “temporary form of alopecia called Telogen Effluvium. After you have given birth, your body begins to try to bounce back and regulate your hormones, but estrogen levels significantly drop which results in an increase in the hair shedding. This can be seen between 1-5 months after postpartum.


Continued intake of prenatal vitamins, a balanced diet, low stress, supplements, and a healthy hair regimen are essential in bouncing back from postpartum hair loss. Many women find it helpful to visit their doctors and get their vitamin levels checked postpartum as low zinc and iron are common after having a baby, and it can make the state of your hair worse.


Eating pumpkin seeds as well as maca root after you have stopped breastfeeding to regulate your hormones naturally will also aid in the bounce back of hair loss postpartum.


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