Silica….A Hidden Gem to Hair Loss/Thinning!  

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As many customers have never heard of ‘silica’ and are unaware of the many benefits that this supplement has to offer, and being a supplement I recommend to address hair thinning and loss I thought it imperative to discuss and educate.  

Silica is one of the greatest and most underrated supplements when looking at hair loss/ hair thinning. As I am big on root causes, I have found in my many years of working with hair and scalp issues that when looking at the root cause age, genetics, over manipulation of styling and poor nutrition can be the main culprits of hair loss. As you age, your hair will begin to thin which is a normal component of aging, as your hormone levels change, the rate at which your hair grows and falls out will change as well.  

When looking at the nutrition components, nutritional deficits can be addressed by taking supplements as silica can maintain the health of your hair and scalp, allowing your body to remain deficient could lead to hair loss. Silica helps the hair to retain its elasticity and repairs damaged hair and follicles. Silica is a vital mineral when you hair is shedding as excessive shedding will ultimately lead to hair loss and it helps both women and men for lack luster and thinning hair. It is important to understand how silica works to achieve healthy looking vitalized hair. 

Silica helps to achieve hormonal balance and silica takes many nutrients to the peripherals of the body and thus ensures that the hair follicles are supplied with all the vital minerals necessary for hair growth and vitality. An imbalance in the female sex hormones is one of the biggest single causal factors for hair loss and the thinning of hair. An intake of silica will most definitely help to prevent hair thinning, restore vitality to hair and may even address hair loss without the need for hormone mimicking herbs. This property is particularly suitable for those with cell mutation associated with excess estrogen. Silica is a trace mineral, and while your body needs only a small amount, that amount is essential for your health, including that of your skin and scalp, says Vital Health Zone. This mineral helps to strengthen your blood vessels and improve circulation, which can stimulate the blood flow to your scalp and encourage growth. It also is a necessary component of your skin's connective tissues and helps to strengthen your bones, nails and hair. 

Silica is found in numerous vegetables and fruits and very little research has been carried out as to the possible deficiencies that exist in the general population though it is generally accepted that with silica’s wide role of activity, deficiencies are more than likely. Many foods and drinks contain silica, coffee, mineral water, whole grains, carrots and iceberg lettuce. While a silica deficiency is rare, the amount of silica your body is able to retain decreases as you age. Consuming a silica supplement, as you get older can help maintain adequate levels of this mineral, which stops hair loss that results from a deficiency of it. 

As with all supplements and changes to your diet, ask a doctor before you start incorporating silica into your diet.  


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