Let’s Talk About The Wash N’ Go 🗣

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While quarantine may have us reaching for our bonnets or maybe not taking them off at all which we are at home staying safe…….lets talk NATURAL HAIR and POSSIBLE QUICK STYLES!! 




A wash-and-go is when you wear your hair in its natural curl pattern without manipulating the hair with any styling tools, braids, or stretching. Wash-and-go styles are considered wet styles because they are wet and allowed to dry in the natural state. The process consists of using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, and a styling gel to achieve your look. Unlike twist-outs, blowouts, braid-outs, and other styles, the wash and go doesn’t require excessive brushing, combing, tugging, pulling, stretching, and other manipulation that can leave hair in a weakened state. This style requires cleansing, deep conditioning, add product to the hair, and THAT’S IT!  As it is a protective style, a wash-and-go can last about 3 days before needing a touch up or be redone.




While you may think that the wash-and-go trend simply involves washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner and leaving it alone, there’s actually more to it. As a wash-and-go is considered a protective style as it is intended to Protect the hair from weathering, breakage, splitting, weakness, and dryness due to over-manipulation! As the breakdown of a wash-and-go is: wash, condition, leave in conditioner, and gel/sealant to provide a barrier between your hair and the elements while your hair is in its weakest state (wet). Additionally, the gel cast helps with moisture retention and reducing tangling by keeping your hair clumped in small sections. Our highly textured tresses are relatively delicate individually, but when clumped as a unit, they are strong.


Once you begin to integrate QUALITY products that your hair responds well to and that give you desired results. Our African Black Soap Hair Growth Shampoo and Hair Growth Conditioner with Peppermint Oil has enough slip to detangle or help keep your hair from tangling, which will prevent breakage in the wash process. Our Fresh Avocado & Aloe Vera Deep Conditioner will also help improve strength and elasticity, while minimizing frizz and improving curl memory. The combination of our Conditioning Leave-In Hair Cream and the Raw Flaxseed Hair Gel will complete the look!


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