Bad habits to Leave Post Quarantine

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Oh, COVID-19 has provided great insight as we have been asked to stay indoors for safety purposes. With very limited access to other people, shops, and even beauty services there are things that I have seen that I think we should all leave behind in order to move forward and start anew. With hair stores, nail salons, beauty shops closed due to the quarantine, I am seeing a lot of natural beauty that is clearly blind to the beholder. Being a business owner for Sydney Nicole Products LLC, I receive correspondence from all over saying that due to hair loss they’ve loss their confidence, they want to just give up, and some have even stated they avoid mirrors due to not wanting to face themselves! Heartbreaking does not seem to capture how these emails and correspondence makes me feel.....but NO MORE! I am challenging my customers, followers, and all in between as we go into a new normal to shift the thinking and leave those bad habits in the past.

As we are all human, it is easier to see and fixate on the negative rather than celebrate and acknowledge the positive. I know that hair loss is tragic, having experienced it myself, but I also know that with the proper hair regimen and support system things can get better. I challenge my followers, customer, and all in between to let go of the past negative feelings, prognosis, and approach this new time and the utilization of Sydney Nicole Products with an open mind. Knowing that this is easier said than done, I want to stress that I am in no way trivializing the impact that comes with hair loss but instead challenging you all to pick your heads up and allow me to follow alongside you in your hair journey.

When looking at hair loss and our desired results, it is important to set short term goals in order to celebrate ourselves and how far we have come. Instead of using our regrowth products and asking “when will I see results”, challenge yourself to be specific in your desires. For those of us who have experienced itching and burning on top of hair loss, let’s look at getting the itching and burning addressed before becoming attached to results of growth. I would also recommend journaling and taking pictures of the before and after of your hair journey so you have a log and can track both the physical and emotional journey that comes with. It is important to address underlying issues that may be causing an impediment to your hair growth in order to assure that you are giving your hair and scalp the best chance at being fruitful.

I have come to find that my biggest breakdown in celebrating my own successes and facing/confronting my failure was complaining. Let’s be honest.......there is nothing easier than complaining. A habit that I worked and am still working hard to break as I have seen firsthand that complaining put me in negative space and really prevented me from focusing on what I was trying to accomplish. I challenge my followers, customers, and all the like to stop themselves when they feel themselves complaining and instead think about ways to combat/address any issue and/or negative feeling. Moving forward, lets focus on the things we can change (hair loss/scalp health) and let go of what we can not!

There are some things that we all want to know, and eventually will. When I began losing my hair, I wanted to know “why” and I really focused on finding the answers which sent me into a whirlwind of thoughts that became emotionally and mentally draining. When you’ve always had something and then you don’t, whether it be sudden or slow over time, you feel a loss and it can be easy to want to hide or internalize those feelings because you don't know who you are without that part of yourself. Hair is such a huge part of what we see is beauty that it often hard for us to wrap our minds around thinning or loss. Sometimes it comes with age, heredity, chemical/hormonal imbalances within our bodies, and some reasons that remain unknown. Instead of trying to answer the question of “why”, I challenge you all to refocus your thinking to be proactive and look at address the concerns you have as Sydney Nicole Products is here to assist you in anyway that we can.

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